America's Angels
Honoring our Soldiers

America's Angels Sculpture - slide show images 


America's Angels was sculpted after the Mother of an American Soldier saw the sculpture "Courage and Faith" which features a Firefighter with his Guardian Angel. Her son was on his way to Iraq with the United States Army. This sculpture has been cast in a resin that looks and feels like bronze with a similar patina but at a cost that is makes this sculpture more affordable. The mother of this young soldier has gone on to create a non-profit organization called Angels 4 Soldiers. Please visit their website for more details. Ron Head Studios is working with this non-profit group to try to create and place a life-size bronze version of this statue at every Veteran's Hospital around the United States.

Medium: Resin with Bronze Patina
Size:  18” tall. ~ As shown $350
18" Bronze by special order $2500
Life-size bronze:
1st casting and sculpting $45,000.

  America's Angels is just the right size for your desk, book shelf or fireplace mantle. Please contact the Artist's Representative, Sheree Lincoln, about ordering or to discuss the sculpting and placement of a new version of this sculpture in a life-size bronze to be placed at your hospital or other location.  
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